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Pole Barn Plans and Kits

If you need to add shelter on your land, pole barn kits are a cost effective solution. Pole barns have a number of uses that range from living spaces, housing livestock and storing farming equipment. Pole barns can also function as a workshop or garage. The big attraction to pole barns is the low cost […]

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DIY How to Build Cabinets

How to build cabinets for storage can be an affordable option to decluttering your home. This type of easy do it yourself storage can complement any room. A two door cabinet is a classic design that’s been around for years. You can use a variety of materials to make the panels, including plywood, metal mesh […]

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How to Build a Roof for the Beginner

How to build a roof can be accomplished pretty easily, even if you have no prior roofing experience. Most roofs feature a triangular shape. Forming a triangle shape that’s strong is important in most how to build a roof designs because it gives the roof its strength. The roof also adds much needed strength to […]

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