Bathroom Remodeling on a Budget at IKEA

One of the first rooms homeowners look into remodeling is their bathroom. The reason for this, you can make a big impact on your home with a small budget. Shopping at places like IKEA and handling the labor in-house can even extend your budget up to 50% more. IKEA is known for their modern, minimalist designs that make our wallets very happy. An average price to remodel a bathroom is up around $5,000. This is just an average, an exact price all depends on size and style of the bathroom upgrade.

Check out a few of these great bathroom remodels that were upgraded on a budget from IKEA:

Budget: $1,400
Budget: $1,100


Budget: Under 1K


As you can see, IKEA really does have some great fixtures at affordable prices. They even make the planning process easy. On their site, their is a bathroom planning tool to help you customize your exact dream bathroom. Check it out here, before planning your bathroom remodel.

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